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Telecommunication industry is evolving at an accelerated speed. One of the key challenges operators face is maintaining interconnect agreements with local, national and international carriers in order to remain competitive in the market. The interconnect market is becoming more complex with the recent expansion in carriers, traffic, interconnect agreements and pricing structures. It is now critical for telecommunications operators to have accurate interconnect billing in this multi-carrier environment.

ESKA® Interconnect is a system for telecommunication networks. It has a flexible and powerful convergent rating engine that gives network operators a competitive advantage to be market leaders in the telecommunications industry. 

This advanced system enables the convergent billing of different services such as wire line, wireless and data networks. By supporting a diverse range of billing processes, such as billing of different telecom services, multi-billing cycles, different charging methods and more, you can easily handle all your billing needs.

ESKA Interconnect provides a number of functionalities related to:

  • Fast and rich bill generation.
  • Payment monitoring and accounts receivable.
  • Multi-billing cycle support.
  • Integration with financial systems.
  • Dynamic Taxation.

How can ESKA Interconnect help my business?

ESKA® Interconnect provides the operator with a set of benefits that assist in reaching competitive advantages. Among these benefits are:
  • Offer the freedom to transform a large number of existing processes into an active solution with tight controls and processes for the highest levels of accuracy.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership and increase the business performance with a single platform, supporting flexible rating, mediation, billing and settlement – across all network technologies, service types and geographies.
  • Allow for utilizing the opportunities found in fixed and mobile convergence.
  • Offer centralized system in which to manage interconnect rates and all types of agreements.
  • Reduce costs and improve margins through more efficient traffic monitoring and reporting.
  • Provide the flexibility to handle a wide range of switches from traditional TDM switches to VoIP switches.
  • Improve operational control by collecting and processing events in near real time.
  • Increase productivity by streamlining billing and reconciliation with partners and accelerating time-to-profit.
  • Provide robust reporting to enable accurate monitoring of business performance.

What makes ESKA Interconnect special?

This dynamic system consists of a range of tools and functionalities that can make your business truly excel. Check out some of our product features.

Carrier Management
ESKA Interconnect provides the operator with a way to maintain full records for all the interconnect partners and monitors their financial positions.

Price List Loader
ESKA Interconnect is facilitated with the Price List import utility, a strong and dynamic tool that is used to handle the different formats of price lists by utilizing price list templates.

Rating Management
Providing a powerful rating engine that manipulates calls with high performance, as well as flexibly calculate call rates and re-rating for rejected CDRs.

Billing and Settlement
ESKA Wholesale Billing provides the operator with the ability to generate customizable interconnect invoices on a periodic basis.

Powerful Reporting
Allowing key operational data produced by the Interconnect system to be viewed and used in ways which maximise the business value to the organization.

Key Features

  • Fully scalable system that supports global interconnect scenarios.
  • Enable operators to manage their new product rollout plans with total control.
  • Calculation of revenue sharing.
  • Carrier Management.
  • Invoice Management.
  • Partners Web Access.
  • Support inter-operator reconciliation.
  • Rating can be performed based on a multitude of parameters such as location, destination, time of call, duration, used services and customer price plan.
  • Alerts to the system administrators.
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Our Customers
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