Document Management

Telecom ESKA® DOCS is a powerful document management system that allows organizations to manage documents and streamline the process of document creation, storage, version control, tracking, sharing and distribution.

ESKA®  DOCS manages and archives the content of many different types of files including Microsoft® Office files, image media, audio files, web sites, etc. You can search through the different content of the different data types, view history of changes made to a file, recover a deleted file and view different reports about any changes made to the archived files.

ESKA® DOCS maintains a high level of security; the system administrator can flexibly manage access levels, grant user privileges to prevent tampering or loss of documents and ensure content privacy.

ESKA® DOCS Key Features

  • Full control of inward and outward documents 
  • Simple and easy cabinet management
  • Solid access control per cabinets, folders and documents
  • Simple document annotation with version control
  • User stamps and signature to provide paper-less operations‎
  • Integration with inward and outward fax and address them to the proper recipients
  • Optimized search and document indexing for document name and content
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to provide search within images data
  • Rearranges folders from one cabinet to another in a simple manner
  • Manage document versions to keep history of each update on the document
  • Microsoft Office Add-on to annotate office documents and automated synchronizing with the system
Our Customers
Our Customers
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