SMSC (Short Message Service Centre)

In the era of text messages today, all providers should have an SMSC available as it continues to be an essential part of the telecom market. This technology remains an important tool amongst the education market, banks, government bodies and more in providing SMS notifications. That said, SMS is an important part of communication as an independent component from the internet; always providing connection despite any internet disconnection or unavailability. This is why telecom companies need to ensure this technology is always covered.

ESKA® SMSC is a Short Message Service Centre system that allows the management of your SMS. This means you allow your customers to send and receive SMS from one Short Message Entity (SME) to another, this may include mobile devices, computer or messaging application.

ESKA SMSC covers a number of functionalities related to the following and more:
  • Provide basic network access.
  • Provide supplementary network access.
  • Traffic management.
  • Delivery management.
  • Message management.
  • Transaction and logs.
  • Analytics and reporting.

How can ESKA SMSC help my telecom company?

ESKA® SMSC provides more than your usual SMSC, it provides the ultimate comprehensive tools to not only conduct a proper workflow, but also manages the whole process intensely from the beginning until the end.
From security and automation to reporting and analysis, this convenient system effectively does more.

  • Multilingual capabilities, meeting the needs of a diverse target audience.
  • Meeting all the latest 3GPP, ETSI, ITU-T and GSM standards and specifications.
  • Support critical data encryption, such as users’ password.
  • Support real-time charging for greater convenience.
  • Provide a modular and highly tuned system architecture and software design.
  • End-user friendly interface by providing a web-based GUI that is easily accessed.
  • Provide customizable reporting features and information statistics.
  • Track and record all activities within the system.
  • Present different management and administration tools.

Key features

  • Support a number of basic network access functionalities, such as SMS submitting, delivery, notifications delivery and delivery reports.
  • Provide various supplementary access functionalities, such as message cancelation and message replacement.
  • Manage your messages’ traffic with the essential features to take any necessary actions, such as blocking/barring and defining your white list operators.
  • Provide delivery mechanism for optimum flow. This may include actions such as HLR triggering delivery, retry, future delivery and priority delivery.
  • Store messages until delivery time, including setting an expiry date on the message.
  • Support various types of messages, which consists of text messages and Enhanced Messages Services (EMS).
  • Present flexible charging methods, including real-time charging and offline charging.
  • Set alarms for any critical system errors or faults.
  • Provide system statistics and reports, which also includes storing all records of transactions and logs.
  • Support different networks in the IP and Signalling domains.
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