ESKADENIA Business Continuity Plan Announcement, Open

Our Valued Customers,

The ESKADENIA Team would like to wish everyone good health. As a precautionary measure towards reducing the impact of COVID-19 (Corona) Virus, our commitment to the health and well-being of our customers and employees, and following the measures taken by the Jordanian government, we have asked our teams in Jordan to attend to their work tasks from home as of today, March the 18th. The support operations will be running normally as our team will continue to have access to email, phones, online communication tools (such as Skype), and our technical support system, ESKA IMS.

Our customers can rest assured that management and teams will perform work as usual, while continuing to seamlessly support our customers/partners' operations as effectively as possible.

We look forward to moving on and getting operations back to normal as soon as possible; we appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

ESKADENIA Software Team


With the growing diversity of communication companies’ products and services, it is crucial that deployment and provisioning be quick and agile. More telecom providers are now faced with greater competition and technological advancements, providing the best service for deployment should be a priority to meet such large scale of demands. Bringing a solution that can handle the amount of customer needs and users is key.

ESKA® Service Activator is a multi-vendor service activation and provisioning system. It can work in any kind of network type such as LTE, FTTX and Fixed Broadband; with any hardware vendor including Ericsson, Huawei, Alcatel, ZTE; with any network element.

This advanced system activates services automatically and securely with very high performance in any kind of network. It can send multiple activation commands to the same destination, handle exceptions and crash recovery process, prioritize commands and operate with all known formats and protocols, including MML, XML, Web Services (REST, RESTful, SOAP) and XML-RPC.

ESKA Service Activator can activate new subscriptions, add new services and change, modify or deactivate existing services. This can be done in real-time, or batch mode, either directly or through a network management system.

ESKA Service Activator covers a number of functionalities related to:
  • Multi-organizational process, connecting to various billing systems and network nodes at the same time.
  • Automated activation and modification of services within the network.
  • Online and offline provisioning process.
  • Flexible APIs to collect billing transactions more efficiently.
  • Multiple commands execution on the same node at the same time.

What makes ESKA Service Activator different?

This flexible system provides a number of benefits to help with the flow of your telecommunications business. Creating a faster and more flexible way of provisioning your network for all customers.
  • Handle all essential functionalities by providing a comprehensive features list.
  • Provide a convenient workflow by supporting multiple commands for various networks.
  • Enhance efficiency by being independent of a network type and vendor.
  • Present a secure process in any kind of network.
  • Timely integrate and activate your subscriber services.

Key features

  • Provide multi-threading capabilities by sending multiple commands to the same destination.
  • Support rule-based conditional command-execution schemes.
  • Support a command short life cycle by separating the commands into two main parts, first generating the commands then processing them.
  • Better handling of exceptions, making it possible to re-do an action.
  • Handle complex billing events that could generate multiple related commands.
  • Set priorities in execution of commands, where events will be executed with respect to their weighted importance.
  • Conduct a recovery process if a system crash occurs.
Our Customers
Our Customers
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