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Digital Wallet

Digital banking is the new way to go when it comes to the financial industry. More and more financial providers are providing e-services, making life so much easier when it comes to paying virtually anything. Thanks to access through your mobile phones, you can now enjoy a variety of financial services with just some simple swipes or clicks, whether you are looking to pay your bills, recharge your credit or more, all can be accomplished through one device.

Seeing how mobile banking is becoming the prominent go-to solution, everybody is in need of an ideal process to keep an optimized mobile payment system, thus ESKADENIA brings to you the ESKA® Digital Wallet.

ESKA Digital Wallet is a mobile wallet system that can be assessed through various mobile devices. Thanks to this convenient system, you can process various payment services such as merchandising, money transfer, settlement of bills and prepaid top-ups through your mobile phone.
ESKA Digital Wallet covers the following functionalities, however not limited to:


  • Different wallet recharging methods (Banks, Agents, Vouchers)
  • Cashless payments
  • Bill payments (Electricity, Water and Mobile)
  • Money transfer
  • Cash out from any available agent or service provider
  • Consumer, agent and merchant management interfaces
  • Operators and service provider management
  • Customer care management
  • Transaction and fees
  • Configurable alarms, notifications and alerts
  • Subscriber barring management in order to bar a specific consumer from dealing directly with the system
  • Refund management process
  • Support for NFC.

How can this benefit my business?

ESKA® Digital Wallet provides a number of opportunities to help with your business needs, specifically within the Telecom industry. Now you can ease your customer’s needs and create a more efficient workflow.
  • Accessible payment anytime anywhere.
  • Create automated convenience by directly providing invoices or receipts to your phone.
  • Provide all payment services through one device, whether looking to pay your bills, top up, transfer or more.
  • Recharge directly and easily.
  • User-friendly and easy-to-use interface.
  • Meet all payment needs by providing comprehensive tools and services for a range of payment obligations.
  • Create a smooth payment workflow by integrating with a number of third-party and ESKADENIA systems.
  • Provide mobile apps for both consumers and agents, creating convenience for all parties.

What are some key features?

A range of payment services
ESKA Digital Wallet provides five main payment services, which includes cashless payments, transfer, bills payment, prepaid top up, cash out and transfer. Now you can essentially have all your financial needs taken care of through your phone.

Easily rechargeable
You can recharge your mobile wallet account through various means, allowing you to choose the most convenient method for you. These options include vouchers, telecom accounts, direct/manual deposit and consumer bank account.

Fraud management
This powerful system also comes with extensive security to ensure that all data and information is well-protected and encrypted. In addition, it also sets different settings and limitations, such as minimum and maximum amount per transaction.

Flexible fees
ESKA Digital Wallet handles both percentages and fixed amounts, based on your preferences. This also includes minimum, default and fees per amount ranges. All done through your personalized needs and rules.

CDR and receipt generation
By directly producing receipts and Charging Detailed Records (CDR) for financial transactions that affect the balance, you can directly receive a record of all your financial activities. Printable and directly there, why not make your transactions more convenient.

Online customer care
All customers and parties involved can also submit any inquiries they have directly through the system, creating a convenient and direct customer care through virtual means.

Our Customers
Our Customers
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