ESKADENIA Business Continuity Plan Announcement, Open

Our Valued Customers,

The ESKADENIA Team would like to wish everyone good health. As a precautionary measure towards reducing the impact of COVID-19 (Corona) Virus, our commitment to the health and well-being of our customers and employees, and following the measures taken by the Jordanian government, we have asked our teams in Jordan to attend to their work tasks from home as of today, March the 18th. The support operations will be running normally as our team will continue to have access to email, phones, online communication tools (such as Skype), and our technical support system, ESKA IMS.

Our customers can rest assured that management and teams will perform work as usual, while continuing to seamlessly support our customers/partners' operations as effectively as possible.

We look forward to moving on and getting operations back to normal as soon as possible; we appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

ESKADENIA Software Team

Customer Onboarding

In a time of greater demands and competition, mobile providers are now dealing with gigantic numbers of customers, this means more difficulty to serve their mobile needs. Ensuring all your customers receive the fastest and most convenient service around is key. Thus, in the era of digitalization, there needs to be a more optimal way of dealing with your mobile subscribers.

ESKA® Customer Onboarding is a complete SIM registration management system which integrates with the backend office of your operator system. Made to facilitate customers and lines registration through smart phones, tablets and web-based interfaces.

ESKA® Customer Onboarding is an intelligent system which aims to provide operators with the capability to resolve any legal problems by providing a real-time registration and verification tool. This is done by saving the information of each subscriber biometrically via a fingerprint, thanks to our integration with required governmental entities such as the Civil and Citizenship Department for citizens through smartphones, tablets and web-based interfaces.

ESKA® Customer Onboarding is an automated tool that interacts with subscribers to gather subscription information and legally register all information related to your subscribers through conveniently defined workflows and templates.
  • Multiple Registration channels, such as Shops, Distributors, Web, Mobile, Call Canter, SMS, IVR and Contract Processors.
  • Line Registration and Documentation automation for both locals, immigrants, visitors, etc. or for both locals and non-locals.
  • Integration with Billing. By integrating with the billing data sources, you can easily fetch any MSISDNs which were not legally registered yet.
  • Registration Tracking Workflow. Now you can directly define the lifecycle of a specific MSISDN. For example, if a specific MSISDN was not documented for a specific period of time, the system administrator can simply define the line to be soft suspended.
  • Back Office System. A tool to help system administrators track the MSISDNs requested by the distributor’s web and mobile channels. Through the back-office system, administrators can view the subscribers’ ID, passport and contracts, as well as approve/reject the line documentation process.
  • Commission Management. An administrative tool to define and control commission values.
  • Biometric Identity Verification. Now you can scan the fingerprint of your subscribers and validate them against legal departments.
  • MRTD (Machine Readable Travel Documents). Providing the ability to read the subscribers’ MRTD documents, such as IDs and passports, in order to ease the registration and documentation process.
  • Dashboard & Charts Wizard. A powerful tool which allows your system administrators to build their own customized dashboards for decision making purposes.
  • SIM Replacement. A complete SIM replacement journey, just in case your subscribers are obliged to have their SIM cards replaced due to damage or theft.
  • Contract Update. A KYC tool which aids in updating the subscribers’ contract information.
  • Subscriber Barring. Comfortably control the number of MSISDNs a specific subscriber can register under their ID or bar a specific subscriber from registering more lines if a specific threshold is reached.
  • Search Subscriber Information. Quickly and accurately look for specific subscriber-related information.
Our Customers
Our Customers
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