ESKADENIA Software Shall develop into a leading International Software Business Partner that executes projects in a boundaryless information society.


To be a global provider of world-class software products, services and solutions that exceed customer expectations. In doing so, ESKADENIA shall generate profit and growth for all its stakeholders.


In July of 2000, a group of telecom and IT professionals founded ESKADENIA Software. Their objective was to establish a world-renowned software development company providing distinguished software systems.

Utilizing their wide contact network and diverse international experience, ESKADENIA Software was created and has grown to be a regional market leader in a short period.


ESKADENIA Software is headquartered in Amman, Jordan with offices and customers in Asia, Europe, and Africa. Today, ESKADENIA Software consists of over 200 professionals with diverse industry backgrounds, with most of the ESKADENIA team, around 85%, actively working in Research and Development. ESKADENIA Software is a CMMI® level 3 certified company that provides top-quality software in the fields of Telecommunications, Insurance, Enterprise, Education, Healthcare and Internet.

ESKADENIA Software is committed to continuously enrich its product offerings and create advanced software products according to market demands. ESKADENIA Software maintains this commitment by continually investing in research, development and customer care.

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